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A group of businesses has joined together to raise awareness and funds for Campo Sagrado, a Nicaraguan farm which allows the ministry “12 Churches” to provide food to six feeding centers around the city of Leon. These businesses have pledged to match up to $15,000 of every dollar donated in the “Nourish Nicaragua” campaign.

Our hope is to raise enough money for three much-needed farm upgrades:

  1. A utility vehicle – (Right now, farmers strap plows to their shoulders!)
  2. A bodega – The fields are huge, and there is currently no shade for the workers to cool off. Furthermore, someone could sleep in the bodega to keep an eye out for theft at night.
  3. A green house – This would allow for off-season crop growth.

We are so thankful for your interest in Nourish Nicaragua, a campaign to benefit Campo Sagrado farm of Twelve Churches ministry. To learn more about Campo Sagrado and Twelve churches, click here.

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